Career Connections

Integration into the community work force is vital for growth, personal achievement and independence.
We offer on the job training as needed, as well as a dependable and enthusiastic work force for local businesses.
If you would like to receive services or you are considering hiring someone with a disability,
there are many support services we are able to provide to make the process successful.

Penny Bump,Vocational Rehabilitation Services Manager
752-1204 Ext. 242 

How to receive services?
Each individual must apply through an agency such as: The Department of Veterans Affairs and Montana Vocational Rehabilitation. We receive referrals through these agencies as well as Montana State Fund or a private vocational rehabilitation agency.

How do we succeed?
Our clients desire to succeed! We evaluate and provide training to ensure a proper job match. We establish open channels of communication with clients and employers and follow up regularly with both parties after placement.

“In this world we are all different… I watch out for him (Jim) like a big brother.”
Barry, Home Depot
“It was a simple fit; it is a good environment here.”
Seth, KRMC

seth.KRMC.1 (3)

An except from our December 2016 newsletter, detailing the motivations and benefits from an employment collaboration Executive Chef Seth Bostick has crafted with their clients.

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