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Claudette Vance
Vocational Rehab Director
755-7656 Ext. 225

Integration into the community work force is vital for growth, personal achievement and independence.
We offer on the job training as needed, as well as a dependable and enthusiastic work force for local businesses.
If you would like to receive services or you are considering hiring someone with a disability, there are many support services we are able to provide to make the process successful.

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This hardworking team is constantly building skills and provides superior services for Residential, Commercial and Corporate locations.
The Community Work Crew is a hard working team that offers commercial and residential services to the community. It provides employment and skill training for people with disabilities.

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Services & Products
Snow & Debris Removal
Fire Wood Sales
Moving & Misc Tasks
Construction Cleanup
Gardening & Landscaping
Repairs and Much More

Becca Balla
Work Crew Services Lead

Michelle Pellet
Production Program Manager
406-755-7656 Ext 236

Services & Products
Custom Buttons
Easy 3 Step Tasks
Quality Rags
Mailing and Envelope Stuffing

As part of our day program, the Production Center provides options for people who need a more supported environment.  The pre-vocational training may be teaching skill acquisition, quality and on-task expectations of a work environment.

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