As part of our day program, the Production Center offers a unique combination of options for adults with developmental disabilities. We offer a combination of life skill building, fun exercise opportunities, community based activities, pre-vocational skills training and daily work options.

Cristie Hunt
Production Program Manager

       Products & Services

  • Shredding
  • Recycling
  • Custom Buttons
  • Easy 3 Step Tasks
  • Painting
  • Quality Rags
  • Mailing and envelope stuffing

The pre-vocational training teaches quality and employment expectations for jobs like rag cutting and janitorial work.

Clients from various Community Homes, Supported Living and family homes come here to Production/Life-Skills during the day to learn independence, develope routines and habits in a work-like environment with the support of six staff members.

honingskillsarticle  Flathead Industries dedicates itself to creating opportunities for people with disabilities by giving them a place in the community to live and work…”We want to help them increase their quality of life and build independence” -Michelle Pellet   

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