Ways To Sponsor

There are several events you can sponsor throughout the year. You can also sponsor an individual, a team or the entire organization as a whole.

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As summer is winding down, Flathead Industries takes their traditional 3-day camping retreat at the Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp on the west side of Flathead Lake, south of Lakeside. With a tradition of singing around the campfire, swimming, fishing as well as a chance to get out on the water in a canoe or kayak, individuals anticipate this time of fun and relaxation all year. Of course, the highlight is the dance held in the mess hall, allowing all to really let loose!

Our recreational program is a team effort that could not be successful without the efforts of all staff. For information or to become a sponsor, contact Susan Bonin at 755-7656 Ext. 230 or sbonin@flatheadindustries.org

Flathead Industries’ mission has always and continues to be: “Creating Opportunities for People with Disabilities.”  With your continued support, this mission that started 40 years ago with parents and concerned citizens looking for a better future for these individuals, will continue for the next 40 years.
Thank you for your continued support and we will look forward to seeing you on July 30th for our 25th Annual Climb Big Mountain, you will not want to miss it!

For information or to become a sponsor, contact Sarah Mathiason at 858-0897 or smathiason@flatheadindustries.org

Community recreational opportunities that Flathead Industries provides are the many outdoor activities, carnivals, and fairs that are held throughout the year. Those interested in a hike in Glacier Park, with a boat ride, may take off on a sunny morning and return with tales of waterfalls, wildlife or wild flowers that were seen. For others they may join a basketball team, a bowling league, going snowmobiling or practice for the Special Olympics. All recreations require funding and community involvement, you can learn more about getting involved in recreations by contacting Susan Bonin at 755-7656 Ext. 230 or sbonin@flatheadindustries.org