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Flathead Industries is a nonprofit organization established in 1974. Currently, we support well over 200 individuals with disabilities each year. We provide individualized supports for each person to reach their maximum independence and community inclusion. Our mission is to create opportunities for people with disabilities.
Our programs provide recreational activities, transportation, day work services, residential living, community employment, medical assistance and so much more.

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 The Scholarship Program is specifically designed to support individuals that are currently on a 3-5 year waiting list. This will help them to continue improving their skills and work toward their goals until they receive funding from the State of Montana.  Learn more Here

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Flathead Industries provides two essential residential services, Community living and Supported Living.
We have 6 community homes and a supported living community assisting over 72 people with disabilities.

Community Homes
Supported Living


Flathead Industries provides opportunities for hundreds of people with disabilities in our valley. Integration into the community work force is vital for growth, personal achievement and independence.

Career Connections
Work Crew
Thrift Stores


We are committed to providing opportunities to participate in safe, pleasurable activities that are a part of everyday community life. We encourage and provide supports for activities such as Special Olympics, Summer Camp and community events.

Camping, Connecting, Competing

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