June 22, 2024 

Celebrate 32 years of Climb Big Mountain


Individual Climb

  • Individuals can begin between 9a.m.-11:00a.m.
  • Please sign up individually for each person if group is under 10 people.
  • $25 for early registration and $30 thereafter
  • *Children 10 and under are free

Team Climb

  • Teams can begin between 9a.m.-11:00a.m.
  • Team are groups of 10 individuals and may request their logo on team shirt sleeves.
  • Cost: Early registration is $250 per team and $300 thereafter
  • *Children 10 and under are free.
  • Team members are not required to hike at the same time.

Virtual Climb

  • Join us any day, anytime during the month of June.
  • Register online to sign-up and receive your give-aways by mail.
How do I get there & where do I park?

Directions from downtown Whitefish: Take US-93 North or South to downtown Whitefish. Turn north onto Baker Avenue and continue over the viaduct. Baker Avenue turns into Wisconsin Avenue. Wisconsin Avenue turns into East Lakeshore Drive. Turn right onto Big Mountain Road (look for the flashing yellow caution light over the road at the intersection).

Where is Sign-In & Registration?

Registration/Sign-In is at the end of Birch Parking lot by the ticket Plaza. Need more directions? Head towards Whitefish Resort, take Big Mountain Road (there will be signs) up nearly to the top and turn Right at Moose Run Drive, from there you will find parking in Cedar and Birch.

When does the lift open?

Take note! The lift does not open until 10a.m. So if you plan to hike early, know that you might be waiting for the lift to open!

Climb Big Mountain Memories

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