Our History

Flathead Industries has grown significantly over four decades. What started with eight individuals working at a donated Recycling Center, and residing in the private home of Shirley Loutherback, has blossomed into a multi-city service. We create opportunities for people with disabilities by providing housing, job placement, goal oriented support plans,  recreation opportunities, job and life skill training, social growth, medical and other individualized care programs.


What started as a recycling business venture to employ eight displaced men during the exodus from the Boulder River School and Hospital, has developed into a multi-faceted, non-profit corporation. providing community inclusion and integration services to a wide spectrum of individuals. With the philosophical belief that all individuals have the right to live, work and recreate in their own community, the Flathead Valley Community has been instrumental in fostering our ability to provide group home living, supported living, supported employment services, as well as in-house work opportunities.

Making Progress

The first work center was founded in 1974 by Flathead Industries, providing employment to fourteen individuals . In 1983, it was relocated to 56th 3rd Ave WN. The step to be proactive for those individuals with disabilities caught the attention of the community. Many newspaper ads displaying the living situations and conditions,  particularly Boulder River School and Hospital, captured the hearts of the community and started a whirlwind of support. Awareness was also brought to the State and Legislation by the concerned workers and families of those living in the institutions. Hike Bike was one of many instrumental fund raisers supported by the community to raise money to fund residency and care for individuals residing in our state institutions.


Flathead Industries has grown from one home of eight consumers forty years ago to establishing six group homes and a supported living community, serving 72 consumers combined. There are also six day service work-sites which include three Thrift Stores, Life-Skills Center, a Production Facility, Adult Day Health and a community Work Crew.
Flathead Industries has also branched out into other cities of Montana providing job placement services to people with disabilities. Reaching forward, as a non-profit corporation, Flathead Industries holds fast to the value of commitment to full citizenship of everyone.