Flathead Industries provides individualized direct care services to people with disabilities to help them live, work, and play in their community.

Residential Services

Our skilled teams of direct support professionals assist adults with the developmental disabilities with all aspects of daily living. Our services are individualized and designed to help independence in a licensed community group home or a person’s apartment.

Vocational Rehab

But it entries career connection department assist people to attain employment. Our employment specialist develop a career goal, customize resume, job search, negotiate with employers to create necessary combinations, and provide the essential training for individual to succeed.

Day Services

Flathead Industries life skill program provides various curated activities developed to create opportunities to explore new interests, enhance prevocational skills, and recreate in our beautiful valley.

Work Crew

Flathead Industries Community Work Crew provides a valley-wide community donation pickup service. The crew also provides internal lawn and home services for Flathead Industries’ store, office and residential facilities.

GAP Scholarship Program

The ‘Bridge the Gap’ Program is specifically designed to support individuals that are currently on a 3-5 year waiting list.

This program provides individuals the ability to participate in a vocational service or day program for a full year.
This will help them to continue improving their skills and work toward their goals until they receive funding from the State of Montana.

Contact Patrick Maddison at (406) 755-7656 Ext. 245 for more information on the GAP Program.

Email Sarah Mathiason to become a GAP Sponsor or click here to donate.

How to Get Services

Each individual must apply through an agency such as: The Department of Veterans Affairs, Disability Service Division and Montana Vocational Rehabilitation. We receive referrals through these agencies as well as Montana State Fund or a private vocational rehabilitation agency.

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