Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program is specifically designed to support individuals that are currently on a 3-5 year waiting list. This will help them to continue improving their skills and work toward their goals until they receive funding from the State of Montana.
Flathead Industries has been providing quality care to individuals with disabilities for over 40 years.
Thank you! We would not be able to provide the high quality of service we are known for without the wonderful communities in the Flathead Valley.

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Message from the C.E.O.’s

At Flathead Industries, we change people’s lives by providing an array of excellent services designed to meet people at their abilities.  From there, we work as a team to help individuals with intellectual disabilities accomplish their life goals.
We are constantly striving to improve our services and create new programs that will help advance the lives of people with disabilities.
Every day we implement high quality services that assist people with achieving their success vocationally, residentially and recreationally.
Individuals in our services receive funding from the State of Montana in order to purchase programs that help them pursue their dreams.
Our “Bridging the Gap” Scholarship program is a fundraising project to provide financial assistance for individuals with disabilities in our community that are currently on the 3-5 year state wide waiting list in order to receive services.

Vickie Poynter and Patrick Maddison
Chief Executive Officers

Bridging the Gap

  • There are over 100 people with disabilities on a waiting list to receive financial assistance in order to purchase services from a qualified provider in the Flathead Valley.
  • The waiting list for an individual with a developmental disability to receive
    funding from the State of Montana is 3-5 years.
  • Many individuals on the waiting list are high school graduates and need assistance with transitioning into the workforce. Without supports, skills diminish, families struggle and the community suffers.
  • The Scholarship Program allows Flathead Industries to “Bridge the Gap” between school support and adult services by providing supports for the individuals that are waiting for services.
  • Flathead Industries is the only organization in the Flathead Valley that offers such an array of individualized adult services.

Each Scholarship provides

Each scholarship provides individuals the ability to participate in a vocational service or day program.

•Work services provide support and skills training to help individuals with disabilities maintain or obtain employment.
•Individual employment services are structured supports 2-3 days a week (up to 6 hours per day) for a full year.
•Day Services provide skill building, socialization, pre-vocational training and prepare individuals with disabilities for employment.

Work Service Programs

The Scholarship program provides employment services that are tailored to each individual to support their career goals. We facilitate the most successful employment through these programs.

Day services offer pre-vocational training in a supported setting with a focus on learning to work independently and assisting with on-task expectations of employment.

Our work service program includes Flathead Industries Thrift stores as transitional work opportunities. We provide on-the-job training focused on preparing for community employment.

The Work Crew offers a variety of job opportunities. Our crews cut and deliver fire-wood, provide snow removal, yard clean-up and janitorial services to community vendors. Many employment skills are cultivated to prepare each individual for an occupation in the community.

Through partnership with Vocational Rehabilitation we assist people with finding employment.

Benefits of the Scholarship Program

With the support of the Flathead Valley the “Bridging the Gap” scholarship program will change the lives of many individuals with disabilities in our community.  It will also have a dramatic impact on families who support their sons or daughters that have disabilities. Flathead Industries’ scholarship program improves the lives of family members by providing quality daily supports for their loved ones. Many families sacrifice their personal employment opportunities in order to provide care for their son or daughter.

The longer a person does not receive services, directly impacts the likelihood of losing their current skills and motivation to reach their goals and maximum independence. We work with each individual to help them build the skills they need to become successful in their life.

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For more information on The Scholarship Program please contact Patrick Maddison at (406) 755-7656 Ext. 245

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